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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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back here with r.d. here is a look at the top story here is united anger over the or government's failure to deal with the country's economic woes as thousands rally on the streets of madrid spain has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone with over twenty percent of the population out of work. and the u.s. is struggling to strike a political deal over its own debt crisis with a possible to fold looming next week hillary clinton has attempted tries to reassure raises markets promising an agreement will be found. a mastermind behind
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the worst peacetime massacre in norway's histories to appear in court to explain why he carried out a twin terror attack that claimed over ninety lives. has admitted responsibility saying his actions were not a crime but a call for change. and there are many make so why do you turn to the stand nato's intervention in libya and of rooms a hundred million euro loan to the rebels and gadhafi camps also in line for a multi-billion dollar cash injection from the international community and whan they hand over the levy leaders frozen assets. one time obey continues to wreck lives despite president obama's pledge to shut the notorious prison many detainees released without charge has shed light on what goes on there are he spoke to one former prisoner. who says the u.s. hasn't issued even a simple apology for his years of torment isn't. you
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know if the states held could as i can tell about pay detention camp for five years before releasing him without charge it's a could this have you ever been given an apology or an explanation by the americans . and they did not broths even i don't thing that they are going to apologise when you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand and one why were you there here in germany i saw the group it's called remarkably helping. young people who have problems with drugs or homeless people or who has problems that are they always in from pakistan they have their own towards eighty million members it's i thing the biggest group and nonpolitical and they are against war of course and they also hate them by. because they are against war but. when i went to pakistan i went to that to their school
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officer markedly they have each year i guess between thirty and forty. students or people who was listing that school each year i was just one of them and . so when i was captured and thrown to the americans i was already in about close to the airport and i had already my plane ticket in my pocket i was very close to the airport so i couldn't understand why and what reason for and jamaat to be. every everybody north north interested on the war. against. us or what were the circumstances of your arrest when i got arrested. they didn't tell me anything what's going on they didn't told me. that they're looking for terrorists or was there was a sec just. going to check your passport what i do not know all the time well it's
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a good knowledge of the song thought of for each person and. not under my name but for anyone who is two and know lots of with americans as a terrorist they were received through cell door and three thousand dollars in pakistan a lot of money there was not socialism and just when i had my first interrogation by american government. during my detention in pakistan. they asked me if i will go with the song and he did and it was not interested on me it was you transferred to kind of hall in afghanistan what happened there. in common was happening. all kinds of things what you can just imagine on the thoughts. and. on myself i saw many people got killed on the torture and on the saw. i was one of those who survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks
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because i will not sign papers. i was forced to agree that i am the member of ironic and i was not even really i didn't know at the time what used to be i didn't know a lot i did anything so. when they asked me what i thought i didn't tell you and i said i'm not a member and they brought your papers cost me to sign i refused and that's why they tortured me by they forced me to write me to sign and make them sign by electoral electroshocks and. in other times he forced me by water treatment it's called waterboarding it's not it's. there it's normally on the water boarding so or another time. hang on chains i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling there was pulling. on the ceiling. and you into my
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feet used to be over the floor and. after a few days i started of course because in that situation i could not eat or drink and it was freezing call it was during winter time and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days when the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he asked me i was going to sign on or every time i said no he just made like this and they're putting the. other detainees at guantanamo i got water water. after i had seen a couple things got a couple. people got killed in front of me so it wasn't the first one i got i had so many people got killed and some of them big got just keep on his head the until he died. and he was hanging on saying i'm so you know. many
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things but when i got to waterboard it of course i was. i can be the next one. young man when i got arrested at that time i saw it's ok now i'm in the hands of the american government. i'm sure they have justice. because i have so on the hollywood movies they had made before and they are always the good ones and if people agent was quoted as saying guantanamo detainees were chained did foot in a fetal position on the floor with chair food or water for twenty four rolls all more take place they did it. i thing with everyone because some astronomy arrived we had to. in a special position when he has handcuffs and shackles on and. ice
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was a car with with. with google's so. we had to stay in that situation for for a long time and. some people process with a really under each detainee's in front of them and yes the youngest one was nine years old the second youngest was twelve. i still can't understand. why they get arrested do you agree with u.s. officials you see books that it makes people told the truth when they tortured me if i will be terrorist i never will agree because they are torturing me anyway so what i have to do is get are saying that some people on the torture told them couple things i don't know if it was. not many people are lying because. if they torture they are asking. especially questions so. they can just answer yes or no and that's why in the most awful situation it's like
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how did the system of rewards and punishments work there yes some of us got more some food some of us less but. it was the independence. which kept you. going to normal. life kind of camps and. accept all other camps you get less food and one to one camp i must have called the camp or you would because it's made for the john it's just been the john is people like me they can play football maybe the first time inside five years but they say this is every day the same thing they can play football they can play a volleyball and so they have a place where valuable and basketball a and. when they join us on. i mean they can play that i have to say i am a person who loves animals ok. and him long time on many kind of animals which i
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have never seen in my life except on the t.v. so when i get on i got to guantanamo so i had seen a go on i was i was hiding a piece of my bread because of they'd want to say it was coming very smart animists econo in the same time through the fence and i was feeling that when i got. it when they saw it they got i got punished by thirty thirty days by isolation in the darkness because i was feeling. and it was was there a feeling that the camp was whole style to muslims of course it was. it was like that because after eleven september. most americans while. they were thinking that. muslims out there was lots of course that's not to islam is there to fight against the terrorists and not to be
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a toast were you told anything about your legal status runs out of my we was not authorized to any kind of questions when we asked a question so we got the. punishment for it and they said just. because the question is not you i never did know the first three years i didn't know even that my family know said i'm a life and i even didn't know did not know that my family doesn't know that i'm in guantanamo i didn't know anything so. when i got arrested the no told me anything and so we thought it was it's we were not authorized to watch the news media what was the money to your flaws no newspapers no any kind of news and the guards who was walking inside the camp there was not authorized to talk with. even i didn't nor the time i got the. innocent person my american gone i didn't know what. to
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do you until i got released or shortly before i got to just saw a i saw it just now i would stay there for all my life tell us about your sports career before you were arrested when i was nineteen i was in a way good shape because i start to train martial arts since i was seven years old and. i was doing an almost professional and saw when i got arrested of course i could not train like before in my life. even in one phenomenal i did train martial arts by myself of course i got punished every time again for it's because i was training martial arts it was forbidden even to do pushups it was for good i got also punished for put doing pushups thank you for speaking with elsie.
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if you followed up on my debt snowball the. car sort of a throw back on the market part of our long. and it goes back to a time when people would bite out of their forces in the wild lands and pick up these fugitives and put him into the sheriff for prosecution so much the company may follow. him when they come up there he's come with skill. and you have to hope that nothing can. move. forward chasing killers if you feel like it never mind others the two million dollars will be a risk. not superhero be can be told to enough to shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you've had len you know never go back on
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anything else. just smooth. wealthy british sun on the sun rose sometimes.
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find out what's really happening in the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into gaza reporting. spaniards united anger over the our government's failure to deal with the country's economic woes astounds an israeli on the streets of madrid spain has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone with over twenty percent of the population out of work. and the u.s. is struggling to strike a political deal over its own debt crisis with a possible default looming next week. hillary clinton has attempted to reassure asia's markets promising an agreement will be found. the mastermind behind the worst peacetime massacre in norway's history is feared feared more to explain why he carried out a twin tera tap and find over ninety lives anders behring breivik has admitted
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responsibility saying his actions were not a crime but a call for change. in germany makes one eighty turn a stance on nato's intervention in libya and approves a hundred million euro loan to the rebels and take it off campus also in line for a multi-billion dollar cash injection from the international community and when they hand over the leaders frozen assets. those are the headlines here in our team that is next with its parts. thanks marina hello welcome to the sports update on archie the headlines here why the fate paraguayan the call for america ground to secure a record fifteen title. russian champions in the meanwhile may have to be in full points only this is a guy with a bomb will win out on sheet in one of sunday's premier league highlights. why is
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trying to make history by becoming the first man from the southern hemisphere to win the two the bronze. and also mcclaren as lewis hamilton finds all for models on mark webber to claim his second victory this season at the german property. and thus began with a bit of a year of why have claimed a record fifteenth copa america title by basing paraguayan the final important osiris here why open the scoring twelve minutes into the game liveable for what there is so far as received that pinpoint crossing the ariane send the ball past the goalkeeper for his fourth goal over the two months. three minutes before hoffa time they doubled their advantage also in setting the ball diego for long who had been schooled in while previous international games finally ending the drought with a blistering afterwards. and the end of the game for long he adds a brace after a quick counterattack sealing the final result of a nail and historic success for europe why rivals anjan siena will be no towels in
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the quarterfinals have won this tournament only fourteen tops. they came here thinking to do this comp the older players coaches and stuff it learn the first school people person because without them there would have been no number fifteen or you know. on to the russian game now where the premier league season resumed last week after a three week break and champions and it's in pittsburgh narrowed the gap will need a sense. late on monday would some days victory and. the only goal coming in the seventy ninth minute when that exam to get struck will spawn from those strange to register his a bill of the season defending champions in the throws and then i'm only the tree. in the early kickoff spartak moscow trials to nail a new boys school the mythical bar of open for the rabbis midway through the first off the full losses league top scorer well it's been bolstered the victory made way
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through the second spartak condemning boulder to this second home defeat in four days. in time they did since shoulder back the brace aims in almost in a way that the us goal is this coming into its wealth minutes after this heather and then in the seventy six this in shoals at his second sealing the finals who are the thirty three year old midfielder reaching one hundred three goals with this effort. elsewhere a blistering debut the russians up live for portuguese coach who say it all before different play is on target for his that might see of side who thrashed car here in moscow with the law school blasted in the freekick to get them going on for thirty two minutes now to call for the railway man to nothing up still in the first. place called then time providers and off to the intervals setting up the meat they secure with found the back of the net for three male and that xander mentioned employ to build up side the school and with
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a seventy nine minute had to say it was new to unlock a win it for neil. and finally second from bottom spark knowledge explode twice in the last several minutes does that change to all draw at home to s.c. cross the bar and exam get a clue call from eighty to one in eighty eight minutes after a cool nicky can come out and said the got a late equaliser and stop it's time minutes right to the ball into the net to help much of a point. mo. now as shall k. lifted the german super cop off the base in dortmund the reigning good as they get champions on able to win regulations though the match went into a penalty shoot out which prevailed for three held by then you go. five replaced a monorail noir. and over in los angeles to say to concluded they are still with the window but they would back him sell a galaxy joe hart instrumental in a shootout victory the city goalkeeper stopping an aging deal agartha shot and then
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scoring his sides winning penalty. outfit to get seven six for their victory in america before heading to ireland this week and he was also moved to go from audio bullet billy attempting a back heel in front of goal however the season man was unable to reach people now want to do the way to go again level and causing a lot of frustration for teammates and management chain instead of telly was substituted shortly after. that russia synchronized swimmers are back home after taking a clean sweep of gold medals at the world championships founds gathered to me the school that. early on monday in the russian ladies claimed all seven goals in the synchronised swimming in shanghai with natalie is xanga making history by reaching the top of the podium six times and becoming a sixteen time world champion overall the record breaker revealing her formula of success of the words. where which in that we have the best coaches in the world we
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train very hard every day and of course the talent goes. we're very glad that we managed to clean all thousand gold madly we think our coach is old and that we should be part of a victory is very happy and those who think our fans and all those who believed in us. to cycling though i just ran as cade levens has become the first of the france winner from the southern hemisphere after the largely ceremonial final stage concluded. the two time runner up had all but secured his first trophy after taking the yellow jersey by winning the time trial the day before last again and he should have know had to settle for second best the mission as runner up for a third consecutive time with his elder brother frank schleck completing the podium brit mark cavendish meanwhile finally takes the winds winning green jersey after winning five of this year's twenty one stages including that flight all right through the french capital. in formula one lewis hamilton fought all challengers
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from fernando alonso and mark webber to claim his second victory of the season that the german grand prix webber started on pool a day down to bring militants who believe as the first world champion sebastian vettel spun off at one point but still managed to finish fourth while a true but all in all good for the podium places hamilton kept losing and regaining control of the race before eventually beating alone so on to the line but now the routines the overall lead line he can't put a ball seventy seven points ahead okies red bull team mate hamilton so close on the second seed that australian filled with mind races still to go. motion of. all the energy that team put in that into the team record and the effort that put in. and when we don't see results i think it's slowly builds up so when you finally do. i think you have some more. this is just you know it's just
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couldn't get any better and we really never expected komi this weekend to be so fast. and finally now taliban nic of all belarus has taken the overall title of the world what championships just outside moscow the details from richard oppel flits. who went there in assessing the perfect final day of a world war scheme championships in dubai a small town one hundred twenty kilometers north of moscow with the sport yet to make it to be lympics things as big as the cancer competitors a special look to take home the biggest prize in more skiing first topless women's tricks events competitors trying to create in as many moves as quickly as possible trying to get top marks from the judges a lot of the ways that we practice we use trampolines a kind of you know bounce and we ride our skis a lot just to feel edges and turns in it and it just takes a lot of balls in order to start learning the truth of the move certainly looks
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pretty tranquil that we take a lot of practice to get it right so you can sometimes there's a rhythm moving when the paper in front of him has come away from the event was when truly won by better reasons natalia. was rewarded after this fantastic performance and certainly please go home cry over fully behind the russians in the final bid to become a star five largest gymnasts. on the street taking up moves going under by the russian says the right of which abilities certainly gives her an advantage gymnastics in general it's a really good start for a new after playing at a sport but what a scheme especially because it's really sceptical and really it requires a lot of thinking a lot of coordination so gymnastics are very helpful and that didn't cover has been water skiing for sixteen years or she trains in florida nevertheless she gets a lot of funding from a native but a ruse. to put all our efforts into improving which is luxury amongst most water
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skiers who are often forced to take up second jobs the situation is slowly and. proving that more and more swans was coming on board however it's still a long way to go right now it's kind of summer in the new bill but it's going through a move and i think to happen more chances to move one where except for all three so let's say slalom slalom skiing would have different tournaments separate argument sixteen with a separate tournaments and jumped on the list then you have a chance if you're going to move the field over all of it to get hired as equipment jadis mining everything unfortunately proved to be an excellent thing for bit because the crown overall goal champion this championship was really good for me it was my dream after two thousand and seven two thousand and nine. as good as i did today the final event of the thing was the men's jump competition the world record was an astounding since you free meters from park form just one point eight meters
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would spears one able to beat me about mom however the crew to be no nightmares but wonderfully named freddy krueger as he pulled off a jump of a round straight first place only nobody ventures a great success for a popular with the foster spends probably any downside you know what the russians were able to buy five medals. from oklahoma city the most to region. and that's the sports coming up shortly stay with us.
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